Athens Photo Inspiration was organized by the Hellenic Centre for Photography for the fifth consecutive year. The event constituted an original cultural initiative, with a competitive character, whose main goal was to support individual and collective artistic expression through photography.
About 800 participants from all over Greece, starting from the centre of Athens and using photography as a common language, had the opportunity to participate in the photographic “marathon”, to communicate and to express themselves, by recording through their own lens and within six hours, four given combinations of themes.

The thematology of this year’s competition focuses on the contemporary face of the city, where the natural and artificial features combine and interact.
The meaning of the combination is approached literally and metaphorically and can either be the motive or the main axes of the picture. The unprecedented participation and desire for creativity were once again the characteristics of this original cultural event, which consists a benchmark and a meeting point for the friends of photography.

Peak of this year’s organisation is Athens Photo Inspiration 12 Exhibition, presenting the participations that stood out. It includes the 15 photographs that were awarded by the audience and the judging committee. The different approaches, based on the viewpoint of each photographer are the presupposition for dialogue and creative thinking. The photographs presented in the exhibition are direct comments or responses to these themes, and comprise a proposal open to different readings on behalf of the viewers. Every thematic unit, beyond the obvious elements, is just a reason for the inspiration to be transformed into an artistic creation.