Looking at a picture, each person can see two things: reality and the past. However, what disrupts all aspects of time is the present. “L’objet Regard” aims to inspire curiosity by wondering what is truly happening when looking through the keyhole. The exhibition begins with a performance featuring ritual masks and golden details. An orgy of sightings within festive, insatiable erotism.
The installation invites everyone to use photo cameras. The cameras serve as lenses that filter the sightings, either protecting or revealing what is happening inside this room, while each visitor becomes a spectacle for the other visitors, thus becoming part of the exhibition themselves. According to Jacques Lacan, “l’objet regard” functions as a remnant of pleasure, a cause of desire, an object of desire. The eye looks in one direction, but being observed by someone else is what matters to our sight. We are a spectacle for someone else, and that affects us.