For years they lived as ordinary youths in Norway until the police turned up and sent them back to their home countries. While asylum applications are being processed and rejections are being appealed, children of asylum seekers begin school, learn the language and make friends. They become a part of their local communities and establish family routines. They have dreams and aspirations – just like any other child. Families claiming asylum often stay for years without residence permit while their cases are investigated. «Return» tells the stories of youths who were deported after their families’ application for asylum were rejected. They lived in Norway between four and nine years. The many years abroad prevent them from returning to school and a normal life. Andrea Gjestvang has visited the youths after their deportations, back in their home countries or on the run again. She also photographed the places and people in Norway that were left behind – best friends, a former bedroom, places they used to go.