“Wandering Gaze” allows the viewers’ gaze to be materialized into a tangible path that will, slowly and over time, erode the surface of a photograph. The idea of surface that is acted upon by “piercing gaze” works as a way of embodying the invisible paths traced by our eyes. The installation consists of an X-Y plotter concealed behind a framed printed photo, dynamically positioning a magnet behind the image. While observing the photograph through the viewfinder, the path traced by the viewers’ gaze is recorded by the eye-tracking system, and then retraced by the plotter-manipulated magnet. In the front of the image, a cluster of metal swarf follows the magnet and scrapes away the image’s surface. Knowing that looking at the image through the viewfinder will eventually destroy the photograph, will we keep peeking through it? Curiosity killed the cat, or in this case, the print?