What can a potato tell us about ourselves? What does it reveal about the construction of national identity? What role can new narratives surrounding it play in how a society envisions itself and other worlds? How can translocal stories and food cultures serve as pathways to address forgotten colonial legacies and the broader context of political, social, and emotional relationships?
“Cooking Potato Stories” has its roots in the tension between personal and social identity, as well as the historical and cultural influences shaping it. Using potato as a central narrative thread, Rodriguez questions the power structures involved in identity construction, drawing from her own experiences of moving between Latin America and Europe. This transatlantic recipe blends elements of “here” and “there,” incorporating various ingredients such as heritage, history, imagination, tradition, and autobiography. Through this exploration, she aims to reflect on how societies conceptualize themselves and other worlds through the stories they share.

Bio: Ana Nuñez Rodriguez is a research-based photographer living and working between Spain and Colombia. In her work she delves into the politics of identity, connecting her own experience of navigating between both cultural realities with other voices to reveal forgotten colonial legacies.
She earned a Master’s in Photography and Society at KABK (The Netherlands). Additionally, she has completed postgraduate studies in Photography at the National University of Colombia and in Documentary Photography and Contemporary Creation at IDEP Barcelona. Her work has been exhibited both individually and collectively at prestigious venues including the FOAM Photography Museum (Amsterdam), Photo Ireland (Dublin), Festival Circulation(s) (Paris), Food Culture Days (Switzerland), Getxo Photo (Spain), and Artecámara ARTBO (Colombia), among others. In 2022, she was nominated to join Futures Photography.