Fieldnotes for Nicephora: 19th c. glass plate negatives and 19th-20th c archival photographs and prints transferred on to 4K, video, color, sound. 16:9 format, 3 min loop, audio written and read by the artist. Edition of 3, plus 2 AP

Taking the inventor Nicéphore Niépce’s obsessive desire to capture, fix and reproduce images as a conceptual point of departure, I worked with archival French colonial images of women from the Nicéphore Niépce Museum, to interrogate the relationship between the history of photography and colonial and male gazes. How has the development of photographic apparatus and printing methods, if seen as a functional enterprise, affected the photographic process of ‘other-ing’, and how did their subsequent assimilation influence contemporary gazes? Referencing the intrinsic ties between ceramics and photography, I used the form of the vase as a metaphor for the feminine to explore the way in which images of women have been passed down to enter the collective (un)consciousness.