This is a photo-based installation project that explores the redevelopment of the pictures through the extensive use of words. What is the new meaning of the pictures after the coexistence with the words, moreover when the words belong to the person in thepictures. Through the photographic capture and his active participation by means of selected fragments from his facebook page, a commentary upon the fluidity of gender and the right of self-identification is produced. The 33-year-old Zak Kostopoulos was an activist of the LGBTQI community. He belonged to the radical current inside a new generation that refuses to be categorized under the deeply rooted representations of “masculinity” and “femininity”. He was genderqueer and he had created the artistic persona of Zakie Oh that became part of an emerging drag culture in Greece. On the 21st of September 2018, Zak was brutally murdered in Athens.