I increasingly inclined to think that the only document that can enclose the realistic feeling is the emotion that comes into being through some conflict in frame.

In this series, I created some conditions without a special event, without specific time and place. This space aimed at the creation of pure sense, where it is less important to understand, but more important to feel.

People in this series are in their rented apartments. I see them as a kind of inconspicuous survivors of today, torn apart by typical modern reality, where they are between livelihood and studies, banks and dreams, trends and personal style, fashion, news and war, and so on.

It is unclear whether they are awake or going to bed. There is state of sticky enveloping sleep and insomnia. It’s about the beauty and drama of everyday routine life; poetics of enclosed spaces.

I wanted that the weirdness of the image would resonate with the weirdness of the world.

Alexander Mendelevich