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Engage. Inspire. Provoke. Connect.

Engage. Inspire. Provoke. Connect.

Engage. Inspire. Provoke. Connect.

Engage. Inspire. Provoke. Connect.

Engage. Inspire. Provoke. Connect.

Engage. Inspire. Provoke. Connect.

Engage. Inspire. Provoke. Connect.

Engage. Inspire. Provoke. Connect.

Development Program
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Talent Lab
  • Young Greek Photographers
Photobook Program
  • Photobook Exhibition
  • Photobook Library
  • Curated Shelves
Mediation Program
  • Artist Talks
  • Performances
  • Guided Tours
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Summer Program for Kids & Teens
Outreach & Inclusion
  • HERspectives
  • Refugee Voices

At the heart of the Athens Photo Festival lies a multi-layered program of events and year-round activities, encompassing education and public programs, talent development, engaging in social practices, and community outreach initiatives. Please stay tuned for our latest updates and upcoming events.

One-on-One with international experts

Portfolio Reviews

Portfolio Reviews at Athens Photo Festival offer a meeting space that promotes networking and exchange among international experts and photographers. These one-on-one sessions, set in a supportive environment, enable artists to discuss and get valuable feedback on their work, as well as to create meaningful connections. The event is scheduled to take place on 12-13 June 2024. Additionally, 20 spots will be offered free of charge to artists selected through the current open call for the exhibition program.
We Speak Photography

Artist Talks

Participating artists in the main exhibition, whose work and thought stands out for their process and critical insight, discuss their work, artistic practice, and influences for the works on display.
Photography as Performance

Performing the Exhibitions

Contemporary art encourages the interaction across conventional boundaries of expressive fields. Τhe exhibition program has been an excellent opportunity for experimenting with the ways through which an artistic medium between life and art (performance) and a major visual art (photography) can cross boundaries and create interesting hybrids.
Development Program for Emerging Artists

Talent Lab

Talent Lab is an artistic development program at the Athens Photo Festival, tailored for a select group of photographers to advance their creative practice and voice. The program, under the guidance of international experts, includes an intensive 5-day workshop which combines group work, one-on-one sessions, and presentations with insightful discussions. The selection of participants is based on the festival’s current open call process.
We Guide You – Exploring the Festival Together

Mediation Program

Mediation Program offers a series of guided tours of our exhibitions and reflective workshops. Led by cultural mediators, these experiences are designed to be interactive and participatory, bringing visitors closer to the Festival’s exhibitions. These programs are individually tailored for different age and interest groups.
Literacy Through Photography

Programs For Teens and Youth

Educational activities will be offered to individuals and groups of children and teenagers. This learning program is designed to actively provide ways for kids and teens to enhance their understanding of contemporary photography and image culture while engaging in fun and playful learning experiences together.
Participatory Photography for Social Change

Outreach & Inclusion

The program is designed to actively engage the community and promote positive social change. Through specially designed workshops, participants will be introduced to the narrative power of photography, with a special emphasis on participatory photography methods. It focuses on a range of creative techniques, encompassing photographic works, collages, oral histories, and texts. In collaboration with non-profit community organizations, the Festival tailors photo-based experiences to align with the unique needs, interests, and abilities of each participating group.