Portfolio Reviews

One-on-one meetings with international experts

The Athens Photo Festival’s international portfolio reviews offers an opportunity for serious amateurs and professional photographers to meet with internationally acclaimed experts, get constructive critique of their work and career advice as well as to enhance networking and collaboration opportunities.

Photo Voices

We Speak Photography

Considering the role of photography as a tool to stimulate cultural and social awareness, under the motto “We Speak Photography”, Photo Voices bring together internationally acclaimed photo practitioners and critical thinkers, whose work and thought stands out for their subject matter, process and critical insight. This year’s talk series will take place on Tuesday 27 June, 2017 at the Benaki Museum.

Screening Night

A one night photography and multimedia special event

This one night event brings together multiple perspectives on the use of images –both moving and still– in contemporary culture that explores the interaction between different media (photography, video, sound).


An intensive training programme for emerging photographers

Developed for national and international emerging photographers, our new professional practice programme is an intensive 4 days workshop that focuses on essential careers advice and professional development. The programme will be organised in close collaboration with various partner organisations and specialists from international photography community.

Photography as Performance

Where photography meets performance

Contemporary art encourages the interaction across conventional boundaries of expressive fields. Since 2009, Athens Photo Festival has been an excellent opportunity for experimenting with the ways through which an artistic medium between life and art (performance) and a major visual art (photography) can cross boundaries and create interesting hybrids.

Athens Photo Marathon

We are all photographers

Over 1.000 contestants starting from the centre of Athens and using photography as a common language will be encouraged to participate in a “photography marathon”, to interact and to express themselves, by recording through their own lens and within six hours, four given subjects inspired by the urban life and its experience.

Family Photo Sundays

Enjoy photography with your family
Spark your imagination and creativity with a family visit to the main exhibition programme at the Benaki Museum. Throughout the summer, school-aged children and adults can discover and enjoy contemporary photography and image culture and participate in fun and playful learning experiences together.