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Events + Initiatives

Museum-based Program

A multi-layered program of events and initiatives, will be offered during this summer to accompany our exhibitions, according to all health protection measures.

Digital Outreach

In this time of social distancing due to Covid-19, we are exploring ways of digitising parts of our program, including our artist talks and live tours of our exhibitions.

Year-round Activities

Stay tuned for year-round talent development initiatives, and engagement opportunities, aimed at community outreach and supporting emerging photographers.

  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Talent Lab
  • Young Greek Photographers
Photobook Platform
  • Photobook Exhibition
  • Photobook Library
  • Curated Shelves
Public Program
  • Screenings
  • Artist Talks
  • Performances
  • Guided Tours
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Summer Program for Kids & Teens
Outreach & Inclusion
  • HERspectives
  • Refugee Voices
One-on-One with international experts

Portfolio Reviews

Portfolio Reviews offer a meeting space that promotes networking and exchange in a supporting environment. An opportunity for artists and photographers at all levels to meet with international experts to get feedback on their work as well as to create meaningful connections. Portfolio Reviews will take place both in-person and online.

We Speak Photography

Artist Voice

Considering the role of photography as a tool to stimulate cultural and social awareness, under the motto “We Speak Photography”, we bring together internationally acclaimed photo practitioners and critical thinkers, whose work and thought stands out for their subject matter, process and critical insight.

Photography as Performance

Performing the Exhibition

Contemporary art encourages the interaction across conventional boundaries of expressive fields. Athens Photo Festival has been an excellent opportunity for experimenting with the ways through which an artistic medium between life and art (performance) and a major visual art (photography) can cross boundaries and create interesting hybrids.

Training program for emerging visual artists

Talent Lab

Talent Lab is an artistic development program that provides 15 talented photographers with an unique learning experience that seeks to further develop their creative practice and voice and resolve any creative issues to move their project forward. Under the guidance of international experts, Talent Lab immerses participants in an intensive program, delivering a workshop, pitching sessions, presentations, insightful and discussions.

Between still and moving images

Screening Nights

Open air screenings at the historic center of Athens brings together multiple perspectives on the use of images –both moving and still– in contemporary culture that explores the interaction between different media (photography, video, sound).

Re-framing the City

Athens Photo Marathon

Athens Photo Marathon is more than a competition. It’s about creating urban photo experiences. Over 1.500 photography enthusiasts starting from the centre of Athens and using photography as a common language will be encouraged to participate in a “photography marathon”, to visually interpret through their own lens and within a span of six hours, four given topics inspired by the urban life and its experience.

Literacy through photography

Summer Program for Kids & Teens

Educational activities will be offered to individuals and groups of kids and teens. These learning experiences initiatives aim to actively involve over 100 school-aged children to discover and enjoy contemporary photography and image culture and participate in fun and playful learning experiences together.

Integrating storytelling as a tool for healing

Refugee Voices

The workshop aims at giving groups of refugees and asylum seekers the opportunity to explore photography as a language of communication and self-expression. Working in partnerships with different NGOs and art therapists, the workshop has evolved as a specific participatory action method, which involves providing people with cameras to record their experiences, stories and perspectives at this transitional time of their lives.

Hands-on intensive workshops

Weekend Workshops

Educational activities that take place both year-round and during the festival, designed to offer a practical oriented learning experience for photography enthusiasts. Explore the power of image in these intensive sessions aimed at improving your technical or aesthetic skills.