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Frequently Asked Questions about Book Program

What counts as a photobook?

A photobook that is primarily photography-driven, whether in the form of new or archival images. The inclusion of other artistic disciplines is welcome, providing the overall photobook is focused on photography.

Where do I send my book(s) once my submission is ready?

Please send all physical copies to:
Hellenic Center of Photography
Stratigou Kontouli 3
117 42 Athens, Greece
(google map location)

All books must be postmarked no later than 30 April and should arrive no later than 10 May.

Can I drop off my physical photobook(s) in Athens?

Sure, if you like. You can bring your photobook to the Hellenic Center of Photography (Stratigou Kontouli 3) in Athens (google map location). To ensure a festival representative is around on the day, please email in advance. All physical photobooks must be received by May 10.

Can I submit a self-published photobook?

Self-published books are eligible for submission to the APhF Pick:24 Book Award and Unfolded Chapters categories.

What do I need to submit?

Both a digital and print copy of your photobook, the completed application/project description form and the payment receipt. This applies for all 3 categories.

Do you accept book realised by a duo or collective?

Yes, we accept work from individual artists as well as duo or collective proposals.

How does the shortlist procedure work?

Once the APhF Jury has chosen the shortlist, we will contact each artist by May 16. The overall winners will be announced on June 16.

Is my attendance in Athens mandatory if I am shortlisted?

Not at all. We will present all the shortlisted works during the festival and announce the winners at a special ceremony on June 16. We recommend attending for networking purposes – and to enjoy yourself.

What is the minimum number of copies printed to be eligible for the APhF Pick:24 Award?

Your photobook should have a minimum print run of 100 copies to be eligible for consideration.

Can I have my photobook(s) returned?

Yes. All books submitted to APhF may be returned to the sender, if requested within 2 months after the festival ends. The artist covers the €5 handling fee and shipping costs

If I want to submit in more than one category, how many physical books should I send?

When submitting a book to multiple categories, please ensure that only two physical copies are sent in total. Additionally, a separate payment and entry form must be completed for each submission.

Can I submit after the deadline as an exception?

No. All submissions to the three different categories must be submitted by the specified deadlines. No exceptions will be made, so be sure to post your photobook in good time.

Can I submit a photobook to the APhF Pick:24 Award if the images were exhibited in a gallery or festival?

Yes, of course! We welcome projects that have been shown to the public.

Can I submit a photobook created through a print-on-demand service for for the APhF Pick:24 Book Award?

Providing your photobook has or had a print run of at least 100 copies, go ahead!