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For its 2024 edition, the Athens Photo Festival (APhF) is delighted to announce its expanded Book Program (APhF BP), curated by Sylvia Sachini. APhF BP is built around three pillars: the APhF Pick:24 Book Award, the APhF Dummy Award feat. Witty Books and the Unfolded Chapters Exhibition.

APhF Dummy Award feat. Witty Books

The APhF Dummy Award feat. Witty Books is an annual juried competition open to all unpublished photobooks worldwide. For this competition, one individual will receive a publishing contract with the publishing house Witty Books, supported by Future Format printing house. In addition the winner will be part of the next edition of APhF Main Exhibition. The Jury of the APhF Dummy Award feat. Witty Books, consisting of Susan Meiselas (Magnum Photographer), Ioli Tzanetaki (curator at National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens), Tommaso Parrillo (Witty Books), Future Format (printing house), and Sylvia Sachini (curator of APhF BP), has decided to present the following shortlist:


  • Lena Holzer, A Shadow in the Shape of a House
  • Emanuele Occhipinti, A’Muntagna 
  • Kati Faber, Abuse of the Transit Routes
  • Romane Bourgeois, Adriatica
  • Marios Vouzikas, Akin Spaces
  • Erik Irmer, Aliens
  • Sidsel Becker, All I Remember Doesn’t Exist Anymore
  • Seunggu Kim, Better Days
  • Sotiris Kousoulos, Beyond the Edge of the City
  • Nata Drachinskaya, Binom
  • Federico Renzaglia, Bonifica
  • Adrian Svec, Confessions of a Man
  • Samuel Henn, Cosmos
  • Lisa Pram, Cromosoma Cinco
  • Ioannis Tzaneteas, Diakopes Theologos
  • Lewis Bush, Downfall
  • Victoria Jung, Fever Dream
  • Samuel Gratacap, Fifty Fifty
  • Dan Nelken, HeadStrong: The Women of Rural Uganda
  • Ghaleb Cabbabé, How can it still be home?
  • Persephone Michou, If I Forget You, I Will Love You Again
  • Mariam Yoese, Landep
  • Chiara Paderi, Love Me
  • Nafiseh Moshashaeh, Made In Iran
  • Maria Abranches, Maria
  • Maite González Laurens, Migrant Souls
  • Yoshikatsu Fujii, Nagi
  • MASARU GOTO, No News is Good News
  • HanShun Zhou, Once Upon The Sea
  • Chloé Nicosia, One Hundred Trillion Dollars
  • Raeann Kit-Yee Cheung, Pilot Astronaut
  • Rose Lacavalla, Sana Sana
  • Mai S. Keldsen, Something Lives Here
  • Elliott Kreyenberg, Something Was Missing Within
  • Alicja Łabądź, Strike A Pose
  • Dimitrios Paraskevaidis, Telecommuter
  • Sara Aue Sobol, Tell My Love Now
  • Spiros Zervoudakis, Terra Incognita
  • Anika Zachow, The Blue Book
  • Spencer Glover, The Chosen People
  • Julia Zlateva, The Day Before
  • Pengkuei Ben Huang, The Memory Shore
  • Jason Hendardy, There Is No Death
  • Aleksandra Kubos, Treasure Island
  • Dennison Reave, Under 60 Tons
  • Ovayolu Huseyin, Uprooted
  • Amelie Sachs, Vergissmeinnicht
  • Laila Nahar, Will You Come To Rome With Me?
  • Antigoni Papantoni, You Can’t Go Home Again
  • Apostolos Tsorfolias , οι τόποι πεθαίνουν, και ας φαίνεται να επιβιώνουν

APhF Pick:24 Book Award

The APhF Pick:24 Book Award is an annual juried competition open to all photobooks worldwide that were published within the last 12 months. For this competition, οne individual will be presented with the APhF Pick:24 Book Award along with a €2,000 cash prize.


  • Anna-Tia Buss, Pomegranates Grow In Winter, edition clandestin
  • Aparna Nori, How To Climb A Tree
  • Artemis Pyrpilis, Gramie, Self-published
  • Ayline Olukman, Nos Vies Sauvages (Our Wild Lives), Mediapop edition
  • Barbara Debeuckelaere, ‘Om (Mother)
  • Barbara Diener, The Rocket’s Red Glare
  • Danny Franzreb, Proof of Work, Hartmann Books
  • Elfie Semotan, All Personal, Fotohof edition
  • Emin Altan, Chernobyl, Fotohof edition
  • Eugenia Maximova, Silent River, Fotohof edition
  • Georgs Avetisjans, Motherland. Far Beyond the Polar Circle, Milda Books
  • Giulio Favotto, Paternity Ratio, Yogurt Editions
  • Hristina Tasheva, Far Away From Home: The Voices, the Body and the Periphery, Self-published
  • Inés Molina Navea, Ejercicios mínimos para un Jardín de invierno N8, Ediciones Posibles
  • J Carrier, Mi’raj
  • Jamey Stillings, Atacama: Renewable Energy and Mining in the High Desert of Chile, Steidl
  • Jenny Schäfer, Jede Hand ein Oktopus, Verlag Marian Arnd
  • Karim Böhm, Nothing Left to See? Stalag XVII B Krems-Gneixendorf – A Topographic Survey, Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz
  • Karla Hiraldo Voleau, Another Love Story, Mörel Books
  • Kate Carpenter, Kaleidoscope
  • Kiana Hayeri, When Cages Fly, Raya Editorial
  • Laura Leonelli, I Won’t Come Down, Postcart
  • Laura San Segundo, El Recinto Circular, Dispara Editorial
  • Lili Almog, Betweenness, Kehrer Verlag
  • Linda Troeller, Sex. Death. Transcendence., TBWbooks
  • Manon Lanjouère, Les particules, conte humain d’une eau qui meurt, The Eyes Publishing
  • Matthieu Croizier, Everything Goes Dark A Little Further Down, Mörel Books
  • Michael Honegger, The Need to Know, Blow Up Press
  • Michelle Piergoelam, Songs In A Strange Land, Lecturis
  • Nathan Pearce, High & Lonesome, Deadbeat Club
  • Noah Noyan Wenzinger, Noyan 2015-2022, Edition Patrick Frey
  • Oleñka Carrasco, Patria, The Eyes Publishing
  • Pablo Cabado, Little Suns on Earth
  • Paolo Marchetti, Fever: An Undercover Journey, Eyeshot
  • Pelly Mandreka, The Present / an actual presentation of a gifted world, Yogurt Editions – Zone
  • Rienk De Vries, Gravity Fields, Self-published
  • Ronit Porat, Hunting In Time, Sternthal Books
  • Ruth Montiel Arias, Ánima, Alauda Negra
  • Samuel Gratacap, Bilateral, Poursuite
  • Sara Arzu Hardegger & Vanja Ivana Jeli, Gehege, Edition Taube
  • Simon Chang, Shepherds and the Slaughterhouse, Galerija Fotografija
  • Stefanie Moshammer, Each Poison A Pillow
  • Stig Marlon Weston, More Somehow, Heavy Books
  • Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Water Column, Edition Patrick Frey
  • Tatiana Mavromati, Sunday Women: Stories of Georgian domestic workers in Athens, Futura Books
  • Tomek Tyndyk, Personal Belongings 1. Father, Sun Archive (OPT Zamek)
  • Vitor Casemiro, Shadow over Shadow
  • Vittorio Mortarotti, Soil, Skinnerboox
  • Wei Weng, Water Refuge, Self-published
  • Yelena Yemchuk, Malanka, Edition Patrick Frey

Unfolded Chapters

Unfolded Chapters represents our annual celebration of photobooks, embodying a curated group exhibition anchored in thematic exploration. This initiative stems from our desire to delve into our and your libraries, unearthing older gems that deserve another chance in the spotlight, but recently and newly released books.

With the primary goal being to breathe fresh life into previous publications, Unfolded Chapters becomes a narrative journey that invites viewers to rediscover and recontextualize the works encapsulated in each selected publication, thus bridging the past and present in the realm of photobook storytelling. Photobooks have been selected from an Open Call and the APhF Library, which contains more than 5,500 titles.

This year’s exhibition as part of Unfolded Chapters is titled Paper Graveyards, which takes its name from the book by Eduardo Cadava. Paper Graveyards is a generously illustrated training manual for reading images, considering work by Félix Nadar, Roland Barthes, Leon Golub, Nancy Spero, Susan Meiselas, and others. Cadava delineates different modes of reading that – taking their point of departure from the conviction that the past, present and future are always interwoven – provide us with a ‘training manual’ to understand visual material in the twenty-first century. These generously illustrated essays actively expand our sense of literacy by reconstructing the networks of relations that inhabit the plural worlds of images, and create a critical genealogy of what we still call an image – even when, with each day that passes, our understanding of what this might mean appears to diminish.