Athens Photo Festival 2018

Athens Photo Festival seeks to bring together emerging and established artists and photographers from all over the world with the aim to reflect the diversity of contemporary photography, and to create opportunities for exchange of ideas, artistic expression and international engagement. Exploring critical issues of our time, the Festival functions as a dynamic platform where the impact of the ever-changing visual culture can be raised and discussed.

The 2018 main program will take place from 6 June to 29 July 2018, at the Benaki Museum (Pireos St. Annexe). The full participants’ list will be announced soon.

Opening: 6 June, 2018


The 2018 main exhibitions will take place during June and July at the Benaki Museum. The exhibition program will be comprised of a curated selection of over 100 artists and photographers worldwide, selected through an international open call for submissions.
Opening: 6 June, 2018


In recognition of the increasing importance of the role of the photobook in contemporary visual culture, Athens Photo Festival will present once again an exhibition dedicated to the form of book and invites artists and publishers from all over the world to submit their books for consideration.
Opening: 6 June, 2018


The Young Greek Photographers is an annual platform that seeks to promote Greek talented artists, between the ages of 18-35, to be exhibited and introduced to a wide audience and network of photography professionals.

Events & Initiatives

Portfolio Reviews
An opportunity for artists to meet with international experts to get feedback on their work as well as to create meaningful connections.

Photo Voices
Under the motto “We Speak Photography”, Photo Voices is designed as a set of short talks to share thought provoking images and words.

Educational programs offer intensive learning experiences for current and future generations of artists and photography enthusiasts.

This one night event brings together multiple perspectives on the use of images –both moving and still– in contemporary culture.

Photography as Performance
Experimenting with the ways through which performance and photography can cross boundaries and create interesting hybrids.

Athens Photo Marathon
Over 1.000 contestants will participate in a “photography marathon”, by recording through their own lens, four given subjects inspired by the urban life and its experience.

Join Us for the Athens Photo Festival 2018!

Featuring artists from all over the world — Benaki Museum and other venues in Athens