This retrospective covers more than forty years of work and unfolds in almost as many countries. Pentti Sammallahti is a wanderer who makes subtle observations of the people and animals he encounters. He records the ordinary and in that ordinariness finds the “wondrous” and “beautiful.”
Sammallahti is recognized as a master craftsman both in terms of the photographic print and also in mechanical printing methods-he has been a major influence on published photographic art. He has had an enormous influence on a generation of photographers in Scandinavia and, since 1979, has published thirteen books and portfolios and received innumerable awards.

Athens Photo Festival 2013
Satellite Programme

Pentti Sammallahti (FI)

Curated by: Jason Demos

Inauguration: 30 Oct 2013

Duration: 31 Oct – 15 Dec 2013

Athens House of Photography
Zirini 23, 145 62 Kifisia
Τ +30 210 5228696