Launching an Exciting New Edition

May - July 2015 / Benaki Museum & other venues around Athens

Looking Back at APhF:13

Athens Photo Festival 2013 Overview




The Festival invites proposals from established or emerging artists, curators, galleries and organisations worldwide, in all areas of contemporary photography. The selected projects will be exhibited in the Αthens Photo Festival 2015.



Recognizing power of visual story telling that contains digital visual and audio components (slideshow, or moving imagery), the Festival accepts proposals from around the world, to be part of the main programme of the Αthens Photo Festival 2015.



In recognition of the increasing contribution of the photo book to the creation and distribution of visual narratives, the Festival is pleased to introduce a specific section dedicated to the form of book, including exhibitions, displays and talks.



Since 1987, the annual Young Greek Photographers exhibition helps Greek talented photographers, between the ages of 18-35, to be exhibited and introduced to a wide audience and network of photography enthusiasts and professionals.

Athens Photo Festival

International Festival of Photography & Related Media

Athens Photo Festival is the annual festival of photography in Greece and a premier cultural event in Athens, established in 1987 by the Hellenic Centre for Photography. It is the first festival of photography in Greece, and one of the five oldest of its kind in the world.
The next edition of the festival will take place during May-July 2015. The Main Programme will be presented at the Benaki Museum, one of the oldest and most prestigious museums in Greece. The festival will also include its Satellite Programme, organised in several public and private places around the city of Athens. In addition to the exhibitions, the Athens Photo Festival includes an expanded series of projects and initiatives, creating a platform of discovery, learning and interaction.
Believing in the role of the Festival in relation to the changing European scenario, expand continuously its role in a changing society, encompassing a variety of initiatives that enable people to understand and enjoy photography of our time.
PhotoBook Show
Portfolio Reviews
School Visits
Guided Tours

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Back in 2013, under the general title “Fluid identities”, the Festival featured a series of international and national exhibitions from established and emerging artists, in all areas of contemporary photography practice and forms, ranging from art and documentary photography to photographic installations, film and video. It reflected key issues of today’s world, in response to the constantly changing conditions of our present reality, and on all its dimensions: aesthetic, conceptual, ideological and social. The Athens Photo Festival 2013 co-funded by the European Union, comprising of 38 exhibitions, 97 artists from 22 countries and 36 event partners.

APhF:13 – Main Events & Initiatives

Portfolio Reviews

The Athens Photo Festival’s international portfolio reviews offered an opportunity for serious amateurs and professional photographers to interact with international and national experts in the field of photography and get direct feedback on their work or career development advice.

PhotoVoices 2013

Under the motto “We Speak Photography”, Photo Voices was designed as a set of short and inspiring talks to share thought provoking images and words into a broad range of issues. This year’s event was held on Sunday 3 November 2013 in Athens at the Benaki Museum (Auditorium).

Athens Photo Inspiration 2013

Under the motto “We Are All Photographers”, 800 contestants starting from the centre of Athens, were encouraged to participate in a “photograhy marathon”, to interact and to express themselves, by recording through their own lens and within six hours, four given subjects inspired by the urban life and its experience.

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