Benaki Museum | Until 31 July, 2015

Athens Photo Festival

International Festival of Contemporary Photography & Related Media

The main programme of the Athens Photo Festival 2015 titled Reframe Memory, curated by Manolis Moresopoulos and organised by the Hellenic Centre for Photography, is open to the public until Sunday, July 26th, 2015 at the Benaki Museum (Pireos St. Annexe), one of the oldest and most prestigious museums in Greece.
The main programme is a gathering platform of 80 established and emerging artists from 36 countries, designed to reflect the diversity of contemporary photography practice, exploring how photography in its most expanded form may produce a relevant experience for the viewer.

Reframe Memory

80 Artists from 37 Countries

Benaki Museum | Until 31 July, 2015

Over the course of the Reframe Memory, the 2015 edition is focused on the complex interconnections between collective and individual memory, time and perception, exploring and exposing the relationship between past and present. Using facts and insights from history and the current and changing socio-political context in Europe and globally, as a starting point, this year’s festival brings together a range of international artistic positions, attempting a critical examination of the past that helps us navigate the present and is critical to identity.
Over 600 photographs, 10 multimedia projects and 370 photobooks are spread across 5 halls at the Benaki Museums (Pireos St. Annexe), exploring the impact of photography in its most expanded form on how memory been and might continue to be framed.

Memory Lab: Photography Challenges Hisotry

Benaki Museum | Until 31 July, 2015

The European Month of Photography (EMoP) not only celebrates its tenth anniversary; the network also welcomes a new partner, the Athens Photo Festival. As Europe commemorates the events of a hundred years ago, the partner cities have produced a joint exhibition that takes the visitor on a voyage into a turbulent and violent century of history.
Memory Lab – Photography challenges History addresses the theme of photographic memory, recalling the major conflicts and aftermaths of painful events that marked Europe in twentieth century. How contemporary photography provide a version of the past in a dialectic relationship with the present, featuring images of ruins on the landscape, political tensions, implicit violence, power, ideology and vanity

Recorded Memories: Europe. South East

Benaki Museum | Until 31 July, 2015

Following an initiative by the Goethe Institute, the exhibition Europe. Southeast – Recorded Memories invites to another journey in pictures through eleven countries in Southeastern Europe. The view of the region’s shared past, restricted as it is by national attitudes, finds itself confronted by the points of view of the others in each case, prompting a reassessment of the present. The result is a remarkable collection of works (photographs, videos and installations), which confronts the viewer with different attitudes, approaches and evaluations.

The Photobook Exhibition

Benaki Museum | Until 31 July, 2015

In recognition of the increasing importance of the photo book in contemporary photographic practices, the Festival is introducing a new specific exhibition dedicated to the form of book. Over 900 books were submitted in response to an open call especially oriented to the the form of the photobook in relation to this year’s theme. A wide selection of over 370 photobooks is displayed as part of the main programme of the Athens Photo Festival 2015 until 26 July, 2015.

Young Greek Photographers 2015

Benaki Museum | Until 31 July, 2015

Young Greek Photographers is an annual juried exhibition focused on discovering and promoting Greek emerging artists to present their work to a wide audience and network of photography professionals. Every year the Hellenic Centre for Photography announces an open call that is exclusively dedicated towards the photographic work of young Greek artists under the age of 35. This year the Young Greek Photographers call received over 800 submissions from young Greek artists from Greece and abroad, from which 13 were selected as 2015 Young Greek Photographers.

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